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Good Girl Gone Holy

"Wake Up. Pray. Hustle" Journal

"Wake Up. Pray. Hustle" Journal

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The “Wake Up. Pray. Hustle” journal is your sanctuary for spiritual reflection and expression. This beautifully designed binder contains 160 sheets of high-quality loose-leaf paper, offering ample space for you to document your prayers, goals, thoughts, Bible verses, reflections, and church sermons.


* Spacious and Versatile: With 160 sheets of loose-leaf paper, this journal provides plenty of room for all your spiritual musings, whether you're jotting down prayers, setting goals, or reflecting on sermons.
* High-Quality Materials: Crafted with quality A6 PU leather, the 6-ring binder’s material is stainless steel, with a nickel-plated finish. 100 Gsm Thick Paper is thick enough and fit for all kinds of pens such as fountain, gel, ballpoint pens, highlighters, etc. No bleeding through.
* This binder is designed to last, keeping your sacred writings safe and organized.
* Customizable Organization: The loose-leaf design allows you to rearrange pages as needed, making it easy to organize your thoughts and reflections in a way that best suits your needs.
*Portability: Dimensions: 7.48 x 5.2 inches. Lightweight and Easy to Carry: perfect for home, office, school, and travel. Convenient Size: Fits easily in your handbag, backpack, suitcase, or desk

Why Choose the Prayer Journal Binder?

This prayer journal is more than just a notebook; it's your safe space with God to express your innermost thoughts and feelings. Whether you're documenting your spiritual journey, noting down daily devotions, or reflecting on Bible study, this binder supports you in your walk with faith.

* Write Down Prayers: Keep a record of your prayers and watch how God answers them over time.
* Set Spiritual Goals: Outline your spiritual goals and track your progress.
* Record Thoughts and Reflections: Capture your daily thoughts, reflections, and insights.
* Document Bible Verses: Write down meaningful Bible verses and meditate on their significance.
* Reflect on Sermons: Take notes during church sermons and reflect on their messages.

Perfect for Personal Use or as a Gift:

This Prayer Journal Binder makes a thoughtful gift for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice. Ideal for birthdays, confirmations, Graduations, Christmas, weddings, Baptisms, Baby Showers, House Warmings, Mother's Day, or just because. This a beautiful way to show someone you care about their spiritual growth.

Create a dedicated space for your spiritual journey with the Prayer Journal Binder, and let it be your constant companion in your walk with God.

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